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It allows users to conduct data science and machine learning without having to move data around, and it’s a place where you can store machine learning models to be scored against future data. A trained machine learning model can be stored inside a database and used for scoring. Developer edition is designed for developers who need to create application products that will run on top of SQL Server.

How to add features to SQL Server 2014?

To add a new feature to an existing instance of SQL Server, select Installation in the left-hand navigation area, and then select New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation. The System Configuration Checker will run a discovery operation on your computer.

The SELECT DISTINCT Statement is used to fetch distinct values in a specific column of a given table. This article gives you an overview of the SQL Server SELECT DISTINCT clause or SELECT DISTINCT SQL Clause. SQL Server Error Log contains valuable information which can be used by database administrators to troubleshoot issues with SQL Server.

Azure VMs FOR Availability Replicas

Keep in mind when scheduling SQL Server Database backups, the only URL supported in this operation is Windows Azure URL, you can’t use your existing URL’s i.e. May be Microsoft next releases of SQL Server 2014 include this feature to use other URLs than Windows Azure. Thanks Brent for your prompt reply…If I upgrade my database to SQL Server 2014 , is it okay with Existing W2K8 Enterprise edition or required 2012 for better performance. I’m a bit mystified about why Microsoft would see a need to drop IDENTITY for Hekaton at all, surely we could grow our own on such fast tables, create the good ol’ next available value in a Hekaton table and use it? I give it fair odds they’ll find a way to shoehorn it back into SQL 2014 and if not how about SQL 2016!?

  • Microsoft did this be creating a true clustered columnstore index.
  • Some features of SQL Server, regardless of edition, are unsupported in Linux.
  • However, Windows Server clusters have a type of drive volume called Clustered Shared Volumeswith much more flexibility.
  • With SQL Server 2014 the development team built a new cardinality estimator.

There are many advancements made to SQL server 2021 to release the new version, which is SQL Server 2021making it more efficient and stable. Microsoft, owing to the new demands and other technological sql server 2014 new features for dba advancements in the software industry, has released the upgraded version of SQL Server 2021, which is SQL server 2021. This was announced and introduced in the Ignite 2018 event, on September 24th.

Industry-Leading Performance and Availability

First we should verify that which edition of SQL server you are running SELECT @@VERSION in query window. Below are a few distinctive features that differentiate the SQL Server 2017 version from SQL Server 2019. To overcome this, a new technology called “Secure Enclaves” is adopted which allows simple functions like the aggregate functions and LIKE queries to be executed on the Always Encrypted data. Always Encrypted was used as the Microsoft solution for data security. However, there are certain limitations to this method, where simple functions like mathematical operations cannot be performed on the encrypted data. Managing the certificates deployment across machines, participating in failover cluster instance.

sql server 2014 new features for dba

SQL Server 7.0 is released in 1998, marking the conversion of the source code from C to C++. For example these can be ONLINE, OFFLINE, RESTORING, EMERGENCY, SUSPECT etc. This article explains each of these states and includes a T-SQL code which can…


The SQL Server 2014 Columnstore Index must use all the columns in the table and can’t be combined with other indexes. Microsoft SQL Server is a robust, scalable, and flexible data management platform that provides high performance, reliability, and availability. It offers a comprehensive set of tools that you can use to build reliable, scalable, and secure applications. SQL Server includes many additional services that are either part of SQL Server components or run as out-of-process services. These services provide other not part of the core database management system. The SQL Server operating system, or SQLOS, lies at the heart of all database functionality.

Joey D’Antoni shared that he is expecting that clustered columnstores can contribute to improved performance. SQL Server 2014 will now allow you to extend the memory SQL Server uses by using nonvolatile random access memory to greatly improve I/O throughput. This feature is designed to help offload the small random I/Os that SQL Server has traditionally done to mechanical disks, to Solid State Drives. This feature is currently targeted for only being available to those that purchase Enterprise 64 bit version of SQL Server 2014.

Power BI for Office 365 Integration

Always On Failover Cluster instances now support two nodes on the Standard Edition as well as the Business Intelligence Edition of SQL Server 2014.






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