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Update your mobile numbers/email IDs with your stock brokers/Depository Participant. Receive alerts/information of your transaction/all debit and other important transactions in your Trading/ Demat Account directly from Exchange/CDSL at the end of the day. It helps the traders in visualizing market sentiments which in turn help them to position themselves safely and advantageously. It cycles both the directions and helps understanding market sentiments and their modifications.

  • Follow this simple hack to boost your intraday trading profits.
  • To make consistent profits in intraday trading, you need to follow a sound trading strategy.
  • The trading plan and the trading diary are the essential things that intraday traders ignore.
  • The stock has an average daily trading volume of 7,063+ lac shares.

But instruments like CFD are a trader- friendly and easy to use. The CFD refers to the difference between the entry and exit points of a trade. When you trade intraday, you are trading on a very limited trading window of around 5 hours. Normally the first half hour and the last hour are too volatile and hence you you need to be careful while trading during this time round. Once the trader has been identified as an intraday trade, they are entitled to higher leverage. For example, with a margin of Rs.10,000 you can take open positions to the extent of Rs.80,000, which is defined as 12.5% margin or 8 times leverage.

Choose Highly Liquid Stocks

The goal of intraday trading is not to own stocks; it’s instead to make profits by reaping the benefit of price movements during the day. A few intraday traders involve in trading only in particular shares. This is because these traders engage in a detailed study of share movement. This is one of the main intraday strategies that are followed by traders. One of the main criteria while intraday trading is the volume of the stocks.


Intraday trading is for those who monitor the stock continuously. For a person who is engaged full time in some profession, or a business may not be the right fit for intraday trading. If the market shows signs of weakness, instead of placing a bullish call, you can short the stock/index and make profits even when the stock market is going down.

Why and Who should Participate in Intraday Trading?

Intraday trading is profitable if you can analyze the market trends and patterns and time your entry and exit properly. As there is a considerable risk involved in intraday trades because of market volatility, beginners should understand the importance of a stop-loss order to minimize the losses. It is the impact on the stock price when you place a large buy or sell order on the stock. When impact cost is high, the risk of intraday becomes too high and hence such stocks should be avoided for intraday trading. High impact cost means that the price at which you will get the stock could be unfavorable to you in case of large orders.

A trader tries to predict how the stock price will move based on the collective action of multiple other players in the market. There is no single strategy that is consistently successful in any form of trading, including intraday trading. Traders all around the world are constantly learning and improving their knowledge and skills. Not going to give out any names here but you get an idea.

What Kind of Stocks to Choose for Intraday Trading?

This might lead to a trader’s sell order not getting executed and the stock being delivered to you in their Demat account. For tax purposes, it is not the average price but the FIFO method that is used to calculate the profit or loss. But even here, your guiding price should still be the weighted average price. If the trader doesn’t close the deal, the position gets squared off automatically, if it’s set in the trading platform. While some shares come under top gainers, others come under top losers.

  • Stock broker is also required to disclose these client bank accounts to Stock Exchange.
  • A good intraday strategy works only after technical analysis, practical execution, using indicators and proper risk management.
  • The platforms help in taking Quick decisions, thus enabling traders to book profits.
  • Update your mobile numbers/email IDs with your stock brokers/Depository Participant.
  • None of the research recommendations promise or guarantee any assured, minimum or risk free return to the investors.
  • Above all, avoid stocks that are very closely held or closely owned.

You can see the change in momentum when the price of a stock goes from one side of the moving average to the other side. A crossover below the moving average shows a downtrend while the crossover above the moving average shows the uptrend. This is one of the best Intraday trading strategies formulae. Distinguishing the correct stocks for intraday trading includes secluding the current market trend from the encompassing commotion. At that point, a trader’s undertaking is to capitalize on that trend.

Promoter group holds around 55.86% of the total shares while 44.13% are held by mutual funds, other institutions, and the public. The average daily range for the stock remains around 1% to 3% with an average daily turnover of more than 2400 Cr. Moving average is calculated to get a simplified view of the changing prices and get an updated average price at regular intervals. Moving averages are also used to identify support and resistance levels on the chart. This intraday tip can help traders create strategies in intraday trading.

The purpose is to earn profits through the movement of market indices. Most traders have a straight and simple goal – to make consistent profits. In the first 30 minutes of day trading, each stock creates a range, known as the opening range. The fluctuations of this range are taken as support and resistance. If the stock movement is observed to cross the Opening Range high, then it is advisable to buy.

What is the average price?

A pivot point strategy is beneficial in critical support and resistance level situation. The range-bound traders can use it as an entry strategy while the breakout traders can understand breakout levels. A flagpole is formed when a strong price movement takes place in a direction.


absolute revenue speculation trading indicators can be useful when combined with a thorough plan to maximise returns. Intraday trading stocks are one-tenth of what is levied if standard trading is undertaken. Intraday investors can track the trade volume index of a particular security to identify price fluctuations. A higher trade volume index reflects either excessive demand or supply, depending upon an underlying company’s performance. Capital appreciation gains can be earned through both purchase and sale transactions in such cases.

Or they trade in anticipation of some news that may move a stock intraday. In this video, I’ll show you how to trade the market intraday like a professional trader. The stock jumped 3.6% in intraday trade to hit its 52-week high. The company’s shares were down over 5% intraday yesterday. Ambuja Cement recorded its biggest intraday fall since 2006, tracking a sharp selloff in Adani group stocks. Also take a look at which are the best intraday stocks for tomorrow.

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Technical analysis of markets is based on past volatility, and thereby, might not be 100% accurate in all instances. One must understand the difference between stock trading and day trading. Stock trading is done based on fundamental and technical analysis and the psychology behind investing in stock is to create long-term wealth.

Instead of rising to Rs. 965 the prices can move back to Rs. 950 in a few minutes. For example, you can buy ACC Cement stock at Rs. 955 and sell it at 960 to capture Rs. 5 profit. Unless you have good reason to believe that the stock price will climb higher, it is better to exit once you meet your target. A trading plan is an entire book for trading activity that a trader needs to adhere strictly to. By being wary of stocks that are too closely correlated to the market as they almost become a replica of the. trading is done based on price action and traders want to earn money on the same day and they have to exit the trade either with a profit or loss. Intraday traders believe that volume and liquidity are the most important aspects of intraday trading. Usually, intraday traders will choose stocks with high liquidity and high trading volume. Although these are the primary attributes for choosing stocks it is also important to do your due diligence before choosing stock for intraday. The most important step for an intraday trader is selecting the stocks to trade intraday.

Thus, his income from the stock market is decreasing with each passing day. When large buy or sell orders are placed on certain stocks, there is a big effect on the stock price. Notably, this is a feature of stocks that are less liquid. Day traders should either avoid such stocks altogether or trade them only in small quantities.

buying and selling

Above all, avoid stocks that are very closely held or closely owned. That is the starting point to select stocks for intraday trading. This is again an extension of the liquidity and the impact cost argument. But since we are talking about an intraday trader, the tick becomes very important. There must be enough volumes on each tick to qualify for an intraday trade. You do not want to place an order and realize that your order execution has actually happened several ticks away.

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Sometimes, the stock may show volatility even after the announcement of the big news. Traders are recommended to avoid intraday trading in such stocks. A few volatile stocks are in the mid-size segment while most stocks traded in the low-cap categories like S, T, and Z are highly chaotic.

MIS orders are intraday orders that need to be closed before the end of the day’s trading. If you don’t have Demat & trading account, I would suggest you to open a Zerodha account. I have explained all the steps for trading using the Zerodha account in the later part of the article. Disclaimer – All the stock and their prices mentioned in the article are only for example purpose.






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