8 Signs That Your Partner Might Have a Drinking Problem

Although the fear may be there, it’s no reason to stay in a relationship that makes you unhappy or puts you in danger. We’re here 24/7 to help guide you or your loved on through rehab and recovery. Submit your number to receive a call today from a treatment provider. If you’re ready to live a healthy, sober lifestyle, help is available. Although there are many warning signs for alcoholism, some can be hard to identify.

how to recognize signs of alcoholism in your partner

We deliver whole-person, comprehensive care and are passionate about transforming the quality, delivery, and accessibility of alcohol addiction & mental health treatment. Our actions are rooted in respect for each member’s values, culture, and life experiences, and our commitment to their wellbeing is unwavering and without judgement. For many people, alcohol has a strong effect but when consumed in a moderate amount, it is not unhealthy or dangerous. Over time though, excessive drinking can develop into alcohol use disorder , or more commonly known as alcoholism. AUD is characterized by cravings, physical and emotional dependence on alcohol, uncontrollable alcohol use, and negative emotions when not drinking. According to the National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse , an estimated 15 million people in the United States have AUD.

Should I date an alcoholic?

High-functioning addicts frequently use alcohol in secret and tend to hide how much they drink. These individuals can often “hold their liquor” well, meaning they can go about their normal daily lives without appearing to be intoxicated. Also, caring for an alcoholic person can lead to low self-esteem, social isolation, sleep difficulties, https://ecosoberhouse.com/ depression, and poor health in yourself. Because they’ve developed a tolerance for alcohol, the person might not seem intoxicated until they’ve consumed many drinks. They need increasingly more alcohol to make them feel the way one or two drinks used to. A person with alcohol use disorder relies on alcohol to cope with everyday life.

how to recognize signs of alcoholism in your partner

Be prepared to share with your partner the way their drinking has negatively affected you as well. People who struggle with alcohol abuse can change because the reality is that alcohol addiction is a legitimate medical condition that can get better with treatment. This doesn’t mean that change will be easy; overcoming addiction requires a conscious choice to make changes and active participation in recovery. Carol’s past experience in the medical field has led to a deep knowledge of the struggles those with a substance use disorder face.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism – How to Know if Someone Has a Drinking Problem

Counseling and support is important for the entire family in most cases and is available at many addiction treatment centers in the form of family therapy. One of the more dangerous signs of an alcoholic is when someone drinks despite knowing they have to drive a car, go rock climbing, operate machinery, or sail a boat. These individuals tend to make risky choices while drinking that they probably wouldn’t while sober how to recognize signs and symptoms of alcoholism and alcohol abuse and have an unusual number of accidents or injuries. Also, heavy drinking or binge drinking are red flags that a person has a drinking problem. Heavy drinking is defined as more than 3 drinks per day or more than 7 drinks per week in women and more than 4 drinks per day or more than 14 drinks per week in men. Binge drinking is consuming large amounts of alcohol, usually more than 5 drinks, in a short amount of time.

  • You are their life partner, and their addiction has a serious effect on your relationship.
  • Unlike alcoholics, alcohol abusers have some ability to set limits on their drinking.
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  • These are all potential signs that alcohol may be affecting important parts of their life.

However, when these activities include alcohol, it can be a dangerous mix. For example, some partners get caught up in the disease that is addiction, therefore becoming co-dependent. In these situations, it’s natural to place yourself in the therapist or gatekeeper role, that you shouldn’t be at. Calls to numbers on a specific treatment center listing will be routed to that treatment center.

You Drink More Than Planned

Alcohol abuse is drinking alcohol to the point where it interferes with your daily life. Your drinking may cause problems in your relationships, at your job, or while you’re at school. Alcohol abuse often leads to making poor or dangerous decisions. Treatment providers are available 24/7 to answer your questions about rehab, whether it’s for you or a loved one. Submit your number and receive a free call today from a treatment provider.

  • Substance abuse experts make a distinction between alcohol abuse and alcoholism .
  • Our website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
  • In fact, some high-functioning alcoholics even use alcohol to gain confidence and perform better.
  • When individuals have an alcohol use disorder, they will most likely experience the following symptoms of psychological effects, as well as physical dependence.

Relating to other people with substance abuse issues may help someone break through denial and begin to recover. Financial struggles can also be a sign that someone is displaying characteristics of an alcoholic. While many people go through periods of financial instability, it can be an indicator that there is a substance abuse issue contributing to money problems. There are a few reasons why a person may begin to struggle financially while dealing with alcohol addiction.

Alcohol changes your brain chemistry, and when you drink heavily over a long period of time, your brain tries to adapt. If you suddenly stop drinking, your brain has to adjust again, causing these withdrawal symptoms. You care about your loved ones, but you can’t imagine your life without alcohol.

how to recognize signs of alcoholism in your partner






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