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  • Debit Memo Definition, Uses, Examples, & Templates to DownloadOnline Billing Software

    Content Debit Notes from Sellers Debit Memo Meaning Debit Note Template: 10 Things to Include on a Debit Memo (Debit Note) Debit Memo What Is A Debit Memo And How Does It Work? Who sends a debit memo? What is a Debit Memorandum? Customers are informed by a debit memo as to why their account […]

  • Balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement How to read business reports.

    Content Statement #1: The income statement Cash Flow Statement Statement Of Retained Earnings Step 4: Make adjustments for movement in working capital Balance sheet example for YYZ Corp. for the year ending Dec. 31, 2022 (in millions) Step 7: Calculate the cash flows from financing activities The direct method of calculating cash flow from operating activities […]

  • Notes Payable vs Accounts Payable: How Are They Different?

    In addition to delaying invoice receipt, this increases the likelihood of losing an invoice or processing a duplicate. That’s a main reason why electronic invoice processing has grown in popularity. Delivering an invoice electronically instead of via paper mail eliminates these delays and extra steps, and minimizes lost invoices and duplicate payments. If the terms […]

  • How to Properly Recognize Gift Card Revenue

    Content How can Baker Tilly help your restaurant? Definition of Gift Certificates Articles Augmented Reality, Augmented Trust: How Augmented Reality Enhances Consumer Trust In Online Shopping The accounting is straightforward; the company recognizes sales revenue and eliminates the liability. Using the same example, let’s assume customers redeemed $1,000 worth of gift cards in February. Financially […]

  • 11 Expert-approved Restaurant Bookkeeping Tips

    Content Create A P&L Statement Explore Lavu Solutions by Restaurant Category Restaurant Accounting & Bookkeeping Tips Service Areas Employers Who Operate Large Food or Beverage Establishments This ratio should be similar to the ratio of credit card tips to credit card sales. This is an effective way of discouraging servers from keeping more cash tips […]